When Gaetano Verrigni mentioned the idea of cutting pasta with gold instead of bronze, the idea wasn’t very successful in the company. It was feared that it might seem like a joke or an exaggeration. Actually, it would be an inspired idea if the first to describe the characteristics of this new idea was a master like Massimiliano Alajmo. The dough crosses the gold gently and friction is minimized in comparison to bronze. That is why the porosity of the surface of gold-cut shapes is different. It is greater but also has more fragrance and crispness.


These are the primary aspects, but not the only ones if other great Italian cooks, have chosen to use Spaghettoro and Fusilloro in their prized and fantastic kitchens. Alessandro Seccia, a friend of Francesca and master goldsmith in Pescara, was extremely helpful in creating this unique project. It is the only one in the world for now, since it is difficult to create, but Italy is the land of craftsmen and mastery leads to the fulfillment of dreams.

Precious gold for precious pasta.

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