Starting in 2013, a careful selection of manufacturers and friends focusing on attention to high quality created the “Non solo pasta” (not just pasta) project: some excellent Abruzzo (and other) companies, related through their mutual use of high quality raw materials processed with the highest degree of professionalism were added to the Verrigni brand.

The Verrigni brand carries these excellent products in its sales network, promoting them and asking them to display their collaboration and reliability in the co-branding that is highlighted on the packages. This is not a third-party brand but a shared project, an exchange of assistance, partnership, and responsibility in presenting themselves to the public, together.


Rice from Ecorî, the main cooperative in the Vercelli area, Croco e Smilace saffron from Tuscany, crispy and tasty rice breadsticks from Td, a fabulous Belfiore tomato that was awarded by Gambero Rosso in 2014, Bírrolo beer by Almond made only for Verrigni, Solagnone olive oil directly from Francesca’s farm in Pineto, and egg pasta and the fantastic Tondino del Tavo round beans now protected by a consortium that preserves their characteristics and protects good agricultural methods.

Together with the Antico Pastificio Rosetano, they ensure the loyal connoisseur and consumer who becomes interested in the Verrigni brand, the certainty of indisputable quality and care.

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