Verrigni has a long tradition in the organic field. In fact, it began producing organic pasta in the 70s when only a few foreign markets paid attention to whether the raw materials met the needs of a diet that prefers semolina from organic durum wheat (but also spelt, Kamut, and other special seeds) that was cultivated without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. These raw materials provide the body with the natural substances needed for proper, balanced nutrition, especially in the whole grain line. For this purpose, the Abruzzo pasta company strongly supports the use of exclusively organic products to create its whole grain pasta formats. Whole grain means using the entire grain, so using a grain with an outer surface that has been chemically treated in the field has little to do with health!

Drying, at low temperatures with long preparation times, does not alter the natural characteristics of the grains, preventing transformations of the starch that are contrary to the health-conscious philosophy of the organic industry (but also to good food enthusiasts).


Selection and mixing of the best durum wheat, use of pure water from the Gran Sasso, bronze and gold cutting, and the processing method needed to preserve the starchy structure of the pasta (preserving the natural microfermentation processes) give it that characteristic flavour of traditional pasta and ensure its ability to absorb sauces. Natural wholesomeness, a characteristic flavour, and high nutritional value make Verrigni pasta one of the best Italian pastas, and rightly so. Its consumption, which is also increasing in many countries throughout Europe and outside of Europe, is clear proof of how good the product is. Verrigni has earned IFS certification with the highest possible grade, Higher Grade, becoming part of the group of historic companies that have adapted to their time.

With the introduction of biodynamics and by obtaining Demeter certification, Verrigni is close to nature and health. Biodynamic agriculture, avoiding pesticides and synthesized fertilizers and only using natural fertilizers, in synergy with the land and livestock and following the lunar phases and cosmic cycles, is the next and most integral step in organic farming.This is also part of Verrigni, a Demeter certified pasta for those who wish to go even further in respecting Mother Nature.

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