Legal Guarantee of Conformity

All products sold on the website are covered by the legal guarantee of conformity required by Art. 128-135 of the Italian Consumer Code (‘Legal Guarantee’).

To whom it applies

The Legal Guarantee is for consumers only. Therefore, it only applies to users who have purchased from the website for purposes unrelated to business, commercial, or professional activities. Individuals who have purchased from the website and who are not consumers will be granted warranties for defects in the item sold, a warranty for a defect in the promised and basic qualities, and further guarantees set forth in the Italian Civil Code with the related terms, expirations, and limitations.

When it applies

The seller (and therefore, Verrigni, for purchases from the website) is responsible to the consumer for any conformity defect existing at the time the product is delivered, and that occurs within two years of delivery. The conformity defect must be reported to the seller within two months from the date on which it was discovered, under penalty of voiding of the warranty.

Unless proven to the contrary, it is presumed that conformity defects that manifest within six months from the date of delivery already existed, unless this is incompatible with the nature of the product or the nature of the conformity defect. As of the seventh month following delivery of the product, the consumer will be required to prove that the conformity defect existed at the time of delivery.

In order to be able to use the Legal Guarantee, the user must provide proof of the purchase date and delivery date of the goods. For this purpose, the user should keep the order confirmation or purchase invoice as well as the transport document or any other document that could prove the date of purchase and date of delivery (e.g., credit card or bank statement).

What is a conformity defect

A conformity defect is when the purchased item:

  • is not suitable for the purposes for which items of the same type are normally used;
  • does not conform to the seller’s description and does not possess the qualities that the seller presented to the consumer as a sample or model;
  • does not present the normal qualities and performance of items of the same type that the consumer can reasonably expect, also taking into account the declarations made in advertising or on the label;
  • is not suitable for the particular use desired by the consumer and that was brought to the knowledge of the seller upon conclusion of the contract and that the seller accepted.

Therefore, the Legal Guarantee does not cover any failures or malfunctions caused by accidents or user responsibility or use of the product that does not comply with its intended use and/or what is set forth in the technical documentation attached to the product.

Remedies at the user’s disposal

In the event of a conformity defect duly reported according to the terms, the user has the right:

  • first, to a free replacement of the item;
  • second, to either a reduction in price or termination of the contract, at the user’s choice.

The remedy requested is an excessive burden if it imposes unreasonable costs on the seller in comparison to alternative remedies that may be exercised, taking into account

  1. the value of the item if there had been no conformity defect;
  2. the type of conformity defect;
  3. the possibility that the alternative remedy may be exercised without significant problems for the consumer.

Did you change your mind and wish to return what you purchased from us? No problem.

Just let us know within 14 days of delivery. Naturally, you can choose to return only part of what you purchased. We will reimburse the price of the returned products and corresponding delivery expenses as soon as possible and within 14 days of when we became aware of the withdrawal.

Attached are all of the documents required by the new European regulations on consumers’ rights (Directive 2011/83/EU, implemented in Italy with Legislative Decree No. 21 dated February 21, 2014) regarding the right to withdrawal (Instruction Sample and Withdrawal Form Sample), in which you can find all information on withdrawal and return methods. You may notify us of withdrawal in any manner – online, email, telephone, fax, letter – using the standard form set forth by law, but it is not required.