A company with solid experience and firmly rooted in tradition also approaches the gourmet panorama with imagination, looking for enticing new ideas that blend perfectly with the joy of pasta. Verrigni creates gold-cut pasta but also square shapes, such as the square bucatini, and Spaghettoalvolo.

Spaghettoalvolo Verrigni

A quick response to frequent requests from chefs who choose Verrigni. How can high quality raw materials and expert processing be combined with the need to serve an attentive yet hurried clientele, especially during brunches that are part of the frenetic rhythm of daily life?

A new form of traditional spaghetti, a form that after cooking returns to the circumference that we are accustomed to….A structure that allows water to quickly permeate the core of the spaghetti for “accelerated” cooking that does not interfere at all with the flavour and enjoyment of the final result.

It only takes about two and three minutes for Spaghettoalvolo or Spaghettoalvolo plus, the most recent formats Verrigni offers the food service industry and those who wish to cook well even when they don’t have time to wait. It’s better to have a few minutes of relaxation to taste all that goodness.

Verrigni shapes

The Verrigni tradition is rooted in passion and attention to quality, which drove the Abruzzo company to new research and experimentation. After gold-cut pasta come the “spigoli”! Not the famous Abruzzo square pasta (the famous “maccherone alla chitarra” or square-cut spaghetti) but rigatoni, pennoni, and mezzi rigatoni that are transformed to become square-cut RI QUADRO, PI QUADRO, and SOQQUADRO. Appetizing to chew, they can even be used for finger food and are a useful tool for the chef’s imagination.

Just as interesting as the short square shapes, BU QUADRO (square bucatini) has a large hollow space that allows lots of boiling water in so it cooks quickly – in just 2 minutes – and adds the convenience of quick cooking to the traditional Italian bucatini.

There are also new experiments under way that enliven the offer for the more discerning consumer without distorting pasta’s traditional characteristics.