A company with solid experience and firmly rooted in tradition also approaches the gourmet panorama with imagination, looking for enticing new ideas that blend perfectly with the joy of pasta. Verrigni created gold-cut pasta, square shapes, square bucatini, and also Spaghettoalvolo, which was created to combine the need for quality, flavour, and short cooking times (typical of the frenzy of modern life), and quickly won over the curious, experts, and lovers of good cuisine. Last year, stellar and starred friend, Ettore Bocchia – admirer and value driver of Roseto pasta in the splendid backdrop of Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio (Como) – inspired this new jewel from Verrigni and finally, after careful and precise research, Spaghetto al volo, ready in just three minutes, and Spaghetto al volo Plus, ready in just 4 minutes, were born. The goal was to avoid sacrificing the palate while pursuing the need to meet high level food service yet serve quick and often “numerous” brunches.


This is spaghetti that fulfills the needs of pasta enthusiasts without making compromises that undermine the regard for the Abruzzo pasta company. Exclusively Italian raw materials are used along with expert bronze cutting and slow drying on a par with Verrigni Spaghettoro and all of the company’s formats, but with a small secret that seems negligible yet allows water to permeate faster, making cooking magically quicker. Only Verrigni takes risk in pasta tradition, surpasses the shapes, and stimulates exchange, research, praise, and even criticism. When you are sure of your past you don’t need to continue with the same old photographs that have a prideful place in your history. Instead you can look ahead with enthusiasm, to experiment and research new emotions with pleasure, because pasta is not only delicious; it is also joy!

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