Antico Pastificio Rosetano was founded in 1898 by Luigi Verrigni who supplied the noble families of Rosburgo, the current-day Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo), with his high quality hand-made pastas. The superior quality of Verrigni pasta, obtained by stone-grinding the grain, using water from the Gran Sasso for the dough, and air-drying the finished pasta on bamboo canes, began to be recognized in other areas of Italy as well. This led Gaetano Verrigni, Luigi’s son, to experiment with drying methods using “cabinets” equipped with electric fans and heat sources to create a constant temperature. With the same passion as the founders, in 2008 Gaetano Verrigni and Francesca Petrei Castelli took over management of the company, continuing this adventure in renewal and respect for the experiences of the past. This consolidated success comes from the enthusiasm they share for pasta and finds its sublime expression in the quality of Verrigni products. Superior quality comes from the decision to base the manufacturing process on the selection of the best durum wheat, exclusively Italian, that is primarily cultivated and harvested in Abruzzo at Francesca’s farm company, but also by their friend, Francesco Paolo Valentini, farmer and famous winemaker (Verrigni –  Valentini line).

Some of the changes made by the new management, such as choosing new and more essential packaging, expanding the distribution network, and introducing the innovative gold-cutting technique have allowed the company to consolidate its market position. During the 80s, Verrigni was one of the few Italian pasta companies to offer certified organic pasta, which earned them a position of respect on the European scene, especially in countries that are more sensitive to organic products (Germany, England, and the Scandinavian countries). Today, the different shapes are a new research aspect that is leading the Abruzzo company to offer a new original and interesting type of Italian pasta. Square shapes, Spaghettoalvolo, and certain formats that are still being designed make Verrigni a historic yet modern company that offers novelty but that creates it with over a century of experience in experimentation and knowledge. Now more than ever, we must look at the past to ensure that the history of a family dedicated to the art of pasta-making offers the certainty of a profound respect for raw materials, without accepting compromises due to the need for speed and accuracy.

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    sono la sig.ra CARDINALE MARIANTONIETTA ho riscontrato che nel superspaghettino a casa mia/my home che la pasta
    ha un colore piu giallastro , gli ingredienti sono sempre gli stessi? la semola a mio avviso sembra piu consistente
    grazie ina nticpo e a Attendo cortesemente risposta da parte vostra ( riscontro dal nuovo pacco che mi era arrivato in settimana )
    cordiali Saluti
    Mariantonietta Cardinale

    • Verrigni dice: Sig.ra Cardinale,
      gli ingredianti del super spaghettino sono sempre glòi stessi non abbiamo cambiato ricetta o ingredienti.
      Ci faccia sapere se al gusto trova dei cambiamenti.

      Cordiali saluti.
      Antico pastificio Rosetano Verrigni

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