Verrigni’s history is rooted in the curiosity of a traveler who came to Abruzzo in the late 1800s, bringing with him his experience from other southern regions where he had seen pasta drying in the sun.

The South – Campania, Abruzzo, Puglia – are regions suited to pasta making as they are kissed by the warm sun and enjoy the heat needed to dry the pasta so that it is good and crisp for the consumer.

Over one hundred years later, Verrigni still preserves its founders’ passion and philosophy of choosing the best raw materials. The goal is then to avoid distorting the properties of those materials, only drying at low temperatures and with the long wait times that ensure goodness and wholesomeness.


Research and innovation combined with Verrigni’s goodness from the hundred-year tradition of a family of pasta makers enrich the value of a product that has now become a true symbol of  Made in Italy. Authentic and without compromises. The raw materials are cultivated in Italy, transformed into semolina, and then skilfully made into pasta just a few kilometres from Roseto degli Abruzzi, to enliven tables at Michelin-starred restaurants, excellent accommodation facilities throughout the country, and many families that choose not to settle for less.

Tradition, innovation, wholesomeness, and goodness: these are the values that set Verrigni pasta apart from the rest.

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